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calculator money pen coins currencyFinancial Synergy, the company, was formed in 1992 to fulfill a dream of being in control of one's own work environment. That dream was further enhanced in 2007 when most of our meetings became web-based.   Finally, as my last daughter left for college,  moving the "paperwork office" to my home established another level of flexibility and control, which has been awesome.  Financial Synergy, Inc is a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Illinois.  David Marrone became Registered Tax Return Preparer with the IRS in 2012.

David Marrone earned a Bachelors in Education and a Masters in Accounting from the University of Illinois. He has prepared tax returns professionally since 1972. It was that avocation that lead him into the financial services industry in 1984. A quick review of licensing and designations shows: Insurance licensed in 1984; Security licensed in 1985* with Financial Synergy, Inc and Dave becoming a totally Independent RIA Advisor in 2008*; Earning the ChFC designation in 1988;  LEAP licensed in 1990; Earning CLP designation (Certified Leap Professional) in 2007.  Using this variety of disciplines,  Dave brings to the table a unique blend and well rounded perspective to truly function as a "macro-manager" coordinating the various corners of the financial services arena.   Financial Synergy works with both individuals and in assisting other advisors with their clients, where ever their location, again via webinar technology.

Dave resides in the Central Illinois Urbana/Champaign area and is further blessed by being able to have his daughter, Hayli, work with him at Financial Synergy. To set the record straight, yes Hayli's is the pleasant voice that sometyimes answers the phone and always makes sure that things are getting done. The background noise you sometimes hear might be the grandkids.  We truly offer a team approach with backup for those who we work with.  (And no, I do not make Corridon wear a tie, nor Kellan answer the phone - but Reagen is getting close)

In Summary, Financial Synergy can focus on working with both Individuals and Businesses, or as a Strategic Planning Partner and Resource for other similarly licensed individuals helping them with their clients and planning questions.  A third area of focus is to spend at least 200 hours a year in Continuing Education studies to be prepared when someone wants to use us to strategize their Financial Synergy.


* Financial Synergy, Inc. is an Illinois Registered Investment Advisor

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